Important information

Important information and house rules

Dear Guest!

You spend your vacation in a private holiday apartment. We have made an effort with the furnishing and hope that you will spend a wonderful holiday here in our holiday apartment in Carinthia.

The information below is intended to provide assistance in which we only describe how we ideally imagine dealing with the apartment and the inventory. We have also listed some rules for our relief, which we hope you will understand. By treating the apartment properly, you will continue to help us in the future to provide you with a beautiful holiday apartment for your skiing or hiking holiday.

By booking the holiday apartment, we assume that you have accepted the house rules.

Should you miss anything in the facility or you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation.

Your Müller family

Check in

Check in is on the day of arrival at the earliest at 3 p.m. (15:00) - we need the time to find a perfectly clean apartment.
If you arrive earlier, it is no problem to park your car with us. Please let us know your expected arrival time a few days before your arrival, as key collection takes place only upon individual agreement.

Check out

Check-out is binding on the day of departure until 10 a.m. (10:00)
The apartment is handed over in clean condition by the landlord. We wish a sweeping return. The transfer of the apartment can also be made the evening before, if this is not possible on the day of departure.


The nearest pharmacy is in Bad St. Leonhard:
Stadtapotheke Zum heiligen Leonhard, Hauptplatz 10, 9462 Bad St. Leonhard, Phone +43 4350 2308, E-Mail
The next standby pharmacy can be found at


Please do not dispose of any hygiene products or food leftovers in the toilet.

Bed linen, towels

Bed linen as well as shower and hand towels are provided at a price of EUR 10 per person (per stay 1 duvet cover, 1 hand towel, 1 bath towel). Pillows and bed covers are available, additional blankets and pillows can also be provided on request. 

On request, bed linen can be changed for longer stays (7 nights or more). The agreement is made upon arrival at the latest, costs EUR 10,- per person/bed.


50% of the rental price is due at the conclusion of the contract within 5 working days.

The final payment is due upon departure in cash, as well as costs incurred for electricity and the resort and overnight stay (look for City and overnight tax and Electricity costs).
We do not have electronic payment, so there ist no payment by credit or debit card possible!!! Please pay in cash upon departure.


The wood for heating the oven can be found outside under the balcony.

Shopping service

If you can't go shopping before you arrive, we will be happy to do the first shopping for you - please register at least 3 days before arrival. Payment is made in cash upon departure.

First aid kit

The first aid kit is in the bathroom cabinet.


A fire extinguisher is located directly behind the front door in the house and within the apartment in the vestibule next to the entrance to the bedroom.


Parents are responsible for their children. The landlord is not liable for brought valuables and accidents of the tenant.


Are not allowed in the apartment.


The apartment is heated by means of electric radiators or radiant heaters and an oven in the living room. Firewood is provided, electricity is charged according to actual consumption. Please use where possible preferably the possibility of heating by means of the oven. This has a very strong heating power and can thus keep the apartment very warm.

Never cover the radiators in the sleeping rooms and always switch off when leaving the apartment.


The apartment has Wi-Fi, use is included in the rental price.


Please note that crockery is only returned to the cabinets when it is clean, and the same applies to cutlery, pots and utensils that you have used.
Please empty and switch off the refrigerator before departure.


The nearest supermarkets are in Lölling (13 km) and in Bad. St. Leonhard (14 km).

Minimum stay

3 or 7 nights (Christmas and winter holidays according to information on, short stay on request.


Paper, glass and plastic bottles must be separated in the appropriate containers in the cellar compartment. For all other substances is a residual waste bin directly in front of the entrance of the house. There is also a metal bin for disposal of cold (!) ash from the oven.

Sewing kit

A sewing kit for small sewing jobs is in the high cabinet in the bathroom.

Emergency calls

Euro emergency call.........112
Fire department.................122
Medical emergency...........141

Citx and overnight tax

Per person from the end of the calendar year when the age of 17 has been completed EUR 2.20 local and overnight tax per night will be charged.


There is enough parking space available directly on the property. There will be no custody agreement. In case of loss or damage to the property parked or ranked vehicles and their contents, the house is not liable. This also applies to vicarious agents of the house.


There is a strict ban on smoking or an open fire in the apartment or in the entire building. Damage such as burn marks and holes in or on furniture, flooring, bed linen, tablecloths, etc. means that we have to charge you this at replacement cost. Infringements also terminate the contractual relationship moreover without notice without refunds of any kind.

Smoking is allowed on the balcony.


You can borrow an umbrella from the cloakroom at the entrance to the building.


A cleaning fee of EUR 60, - per stay will be charged. The apartment is in any case appropriate and according to western standards clean and swept clean. For longer stays, intermediate cleaning is of course possible on request.

Night rest

In the spirit of a good neighbourhood, we ask that from 22:00 clock to 07:00 clock night sleep is complied with.


There is a safe where they can include your valuables. The landlord is not liable for valuables of the tenant.


No one deliberately damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would be glad if you report the damage to us and we do not notice this after your departure at the end of the cleaning. The renter is liable for damages in the amount of the replacement costs. 


You will receive 2 keys at the apartment handover. The keys to your apartment also fit the front door. Please do not give your keys out of hand. If the keys are lost, the renter is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.

Skis and boots

Please put the skis and boots in the designated compartment below the stairs. Entering the rest of the apartment with the same is prohibited.

Duty of care

Please handle all equipment and inventory carefully. The tenant has to treat the rental property with care and to ensure that his fellow travellers comply with the rental conditions.

Windows and doors should be closed when leaving the apartment in order to avoid damage caused by bad weather.

To save energy in the heated months, please ventilate only intermittently.

When leaving the apartment, please also make sure that all lights and all electrical appliances are switched off - the environment and landlords are grateful for that!


Up to 30 days before the start of the rental no cancellation fees, 29 to 14 days before the start of the rental 50%, 13 to 7 days before the start of the rental 70%, later 100% of the rental price due.

If you cancel less than 30 days before arrival, we will not charge a cancellation fee if the following situations occur:

  • The accommodation facility is closed due to an officially decreed lockdown
  • The guest cannot travel to their home country due to official travel restrictions
  • The lifts in the holiday area are officially out of order due to an official regulation regarding COVID-19

In order to avoid unnecessary cancellation costs, we recommend that you take out travel insurance.

Electricity costs

The costs for electricity and heating are to be paid according to actual consumption at the tariff of EUR 0.30 per started kilowatt hour with the final payment in cash on departure.

The fuse & meter box for the circuit is located behind the door opposite the entrance to the apartment.

Taxi company

The nearest taxi company is in Bad St. Leonhard – Taxi Walzl +43 664 440 43 50 or

Other consumables

The apartment rent includes firewood, kitchen linen, toilet paper, soap, dishwashing and cleaning agents as well as bin liners.


A clothes horse, an iron and an ironing board are located in the compartment below the stairs.

As of: March 2023, subject to change.

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